About Us

Every 8 seconds, someone turns 65 - that's 10,000 people per day. Today, 13% of Americans are 65 plus; by 2030, almost 20% of the nation's population will be 65 plus.

But, society is doing little to embrace and celebrate this. As a population so enthralled by youth culture, we've lost value for institutional wisdom; younger generations are falling more out of touch with their older counterparts. Older individuals are ostracized, labeled as has-beens, liabilities, takers not givers, and are falling prey to age discrimination in the workplace. Yet, Americans are living longer and staying active and productive well past the traditional retirement age. So, we ask, what if we saw the aging population as a resource? What would happen if we gave those people purpose again? At Tengia, we believe America's 65 plus community should be given more than just senior discounts or ''over the hill" novelties. We see a need for a deep-rooted change in societys view of the aging population. There is a treasure-trove of knowledge and experience, hiding in plain sight. We aim to help the aging population reshape America's society and economy. We want to provide purpose to those who've given us their best for the last few decades. We are bridging the generation gap.

Our Founder

Deoné Sulgatti is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tengia, where she oversees the company's vision and growth strategies. Previously, Deoné held marketing positions at several leading businesses including AMI Paperless, Employment Research Institute and The Dreslyn, where she developed and refined her digital marketing and design, content strategy and sales acumen. She also serves as the Director of Business Development for The Code Solution, a prestigious Los Angeles-based real estate development firm, where she has elevated its national reputation with her talents in account management, acquisitions, feasibility, land use, marketing and sales.