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    This one is pretty self-explanatory! The requested job will be completed hassle free! It’s just that simple.

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Why choose us ?

At Tengia, we believe that America’s executive talent (Baby Boomers) should be given more than just senior discounts or “over the hill” novelties. We see a need for a deep-rooted change in society’s view of the aging population, especially when it comes to the job market.

We connect experienced workers to job opportunities within their communities

  • We strive to provide purpose to those who’ve given us their best for the last few decades by bridging the generation gap.
  • For those in need of a service, we are providing an opportunity to hire someone who is experienced and flexible at an affordable rate.

Experience You Trust, Convenience You Need

  • Save Time & Money

    As a Client you’ll learn that seasoned professionals are usually willing to charge less than big name vendors with lots of overhead and large staff. Our Service Providers prefer a more intimate approach and understand the value of hard work and great work ethic for a reasonable price.

    As a Seasoned Professional, you’ll learn that you no longer have to waste time and money on expensive recruiting services. You will have the freedom to set your own rates and spend time looking for a job that best fits your skillset.

  • Same-day Service

    At Tengia, we understand that coordinating schedules can be a bit like herding cats. That’s why we make it extremely simple for Clients and Professionals to find each other for on-demand jobs at a mutually convenient time.

  • Hassle Free

    From vetting the Professional to managing the billing process, we do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.